Thursday, 26 December 2013

What More Christmas???

Hello Blogaloos,
Lets not stop the mojo that's flowing this month.
This entry is for my scrap for the boys blog and
a set of photos I've been dying to put on paper.
I love me some Theresa Collins. Her collection makes it so easy
Please partake of the following egg blog photos

Wishing You a Very Blogging Christmas

Hi There Fellow Bloggians,
I hope you all are nursing the traditional Christmas Hangover. Dragging those feet as you clean up the glorious Christmas Mess left by excited children.
I was designated driver so only one glass for me. So I smile when I think of you all. ;-)
In the meant time SANTA did bring me a sewing machine so I have been sewing up a storm on my pages. I also started my first patchwork quilt, just to see if I could.
Lots of firsts this month as this little scrap entry is for @jotmagazine. I have an inspiring girlfriend who is a master? Teacher? Designer? Whatever the term is...
Any who down to business...

Hope you enjoyed this entry. I'm
 a scrapper of boys so these colors are hard for me.
Merry Christmas 
Aj xox

Sunday, 8 December 2013

white with one Challenge

Hello Blogging Blog Readers,
The next little addition to the scrappy blog is My Boy. A little white with one chChallenge I really loved doing this month. (ohh yeah that was a cross blog reference.)
I love a little stitching in any page. Hopefully Santa
 brings me a sewing machine. 

This blog isnt behaving so signing off