Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fantabulous Storage ideas.

Heya Scrappers,
While unpacking from camp mojo I took the opportunity to rearrange some of my overflowing flairs, washi tape and stencils.
Here's what I did with minimal help from the man
 I bought magnetic sheets from spotlight, I just reused some broken frames and BAM I recycled and have two empty glass jars. Plenty of room to buy more too. 😒 VERY important!
 TWO hooks And a Length of dowel. I did get the Masculine one To use his screwdriver because it's nice To let Them help sometimes and hey presto more empty Glass jars. Plenty of room for More 😒 VERY IMPORTANT

This was tricky. How do I let Them air after drying Without taking Over The kitchen rack. Move over scrap mags I used My Mag holder I got From office works. And I Leave them In My spray box. Lots of room for more 😒 VERY IMPORTANT

So it's a Start hey. And It looks fabulous if I don't say so Myself. Time to Get creative now.

Stay Scrappy
AJ x

Monday, 25 August 2014

It's been awhile

Hi Scrappers,
It's been awhile since blogging. Though not scrapping. I was lucky enough to attend camp mojo in the Hunter Valley.
I'm working full time now too so Omg HOW am I going to keep this up? (Barocca and wine)

I'm going to show you a bit from one from the camp classes and one from home.
 This is a Lisa Oxley inspo. I think I went nuts on stamping so I think I'll try it again another day but look at the layers!
And this is me beginning my love affair with gelatos.
Don't mind the bad photography. It's not like I have the time to take good ones. For now at least
Im going to get my creativity back to priority.
Stay tuned to the rest of camp mojo fun
Stay scrappy