Saturday, 4 January 2014

my boys at their best...naked!

Blogs and Blogettes, @-}--

I was quite productive today. Not only did I unpack, wash and complete all those little chores we mums get lumped with post holiday but I determinedly and on purpose walked into my craft room. I was rewarded with mojo aplenty and finishes a page plus a birthday card.
I embossed for the first time. The messiest way to gloss up some chipboard

This was using the Kaszazz embossing heat tool powder. So fun but have heaps to learn regarding that product. 
Other products used Kaiser Craft Technology Collection, Webster Pages Srping Harvest, Teresa Collins My Family embellishments, Kaszazz cogs, Tags and cotton.

I hope you were as productive as me I better start unpicking this patchwork quilt I'm failing at making.

Any tips for the novice embosser and patchwork quilt maker?

Until next time

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Patchwork Page

Fellow Blogtanians,
Inspiration can come from all places. For Christmas Santa must of listened to my not so subtle hints of a sewing machine.
Yay for me and my fancy sewing machine.
So the all important Santa photo is done and my lovely New machine has been christened. Next christening of my calligraphic set and embosser. Oooo Santa baby you are good to me
Happy Bloglidays Peeps