Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dream by Aj

Ello Chickadees, (not excluding dudes from reading my blog-but really would there be many?!)

The craft room is open after a month of

-moving 3 hours down the road. (tell you more as I print photos and get to scrapping them ;) )
-Becoming a landlord (I feel so grown up)
-Celebrating a big 5 and a BIG 1 birthday with parties and sundry.
-Sending Mr 5 to big school (no tears but maybe a little happy dancing from mummy)
-unpacking house including new craft space (whole room to myself with a door!)
-adjusting to spending time with just Mr 1 and not working for now (by choice) Now I get enjoy this new relationship developing between Mr. 1 and I. He now says mum, hello and I delight in the special hugs.

“Dream” starts with the beautiful Kaiser Craft 75 Cents Collection. Made all the easier with the sketch provided by Scrapbook Savvy

Flowers by Abi Craft, Chipboard by Kazazz, Inked by Tim Holtz inks. Crackle Glue to give it some edge.

The stitching always takes the longest but it satisfies my need to draw.

While the mojo is going I better get back to it.



PS- People ask me if I was funny as a child, I tell them ‘No, I was an accountant’

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