Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fantabulous Storage ideas.

Heya Scrappers,
While unpacking from camp mojo I took the opportunity to rearrange some of my overflowing flairs, washi tape and stencils.
Here's what I did with minimal help from the man
 I bought magnetic sheets from spotlight, I just reused some broken frames and BAM I recycled and have two empty glass jars. Plenty of room to buy more too. 😒 VERY important!
 TWO hooks And a Length of dowel. I did get the Masculine one To use his screwdriver because it's nice To let Them help sometimes and hey presto more empty Glass jars. Plenty of room for More 😒 VERY IMPORTANT

This was tricky. How do I let Them air after drying Without taking Over The kitchen rack. Move over scrap mags I used My Mag holder I got From office works. And I Leave them In My spray box. Lots of room for more 😒 VERY IMPORTANT

So it's a Start hey. And It looks fabulous if I don't say so Myself. Time to Get creative now.

Stay Scrappy
AJ x

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